Viniferamine Inc

Viniferamine® is a skin and wound care company created with a single focus… the patient’s wellbeing.

Viniferamine® skin and wound care products incorporate the most scientifically advanced skin healing system available. Viniferamine® small molecule technology allows nutrition to penetrate skin where it is needed. Each plant-derived, nutrient-rich ingredient found in the Viniferamine® products was hand-grown in small organic fields located in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Product Highlights:

  • Certified organic extracts in a pH balanced, paraben-free, delivery system
  • Scientifically proven small molecules from organic grapes, olives and green tea
  • Potent antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids improve cellular defenses and healing outcomes
  • Revitalizing emollients from organic shea butter, oats, and aloe vera nourish damaged skin
  • A complete skin and wound care system with all products and packaging made in the USA

Viniferamine Skin Care System Products:

  • Renewal Moisturizer
  • Silicone Barrier
  • SkinMineralZ
  • SkinMineralZ-ST
  • Clean N Moist
  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Antiseptic Cleanser
  • Antiseptic Cleanser-CS
  • Hydrocortisone Cream 1%
  • Wound Hydrogel Ag
  • Wound Hydrogel
  • Diabetes Foot Care Kit