About Smart Caregiver Corporation

The Largest Manufacturer of Fall Prevention and Anti-Wandering Products.

Smart Caregiver

Smart Caregiver has been in business for over 22 years supplying products for DME, long term care, assisted living, hospitals, skilled nursing and memory care and homecare markets. Smart Caregiver also offers retail packaged systems to the HME marketplace. Smart Caregiver manufactures superior, professional grade products to ensure the safety and comfort of each and every patient and resident. Smart Caregiver is committed to supplying the least expensive and best quality patient monitors so that Caregivers can afford to have the necessary amount of monitors needed to keep people safe from falls.

Products include:

  • Retail Packaging
    Bed Monitoring Systems
    Chair Monitoring Systems
    2 Pendant Nurse Call Button System
    Motion Sensors and Pager Systems
    Motion Sensor Alerts
  • Quiet Fall Monitors with variety of options for your custom needs
  • Bed Monitoring Systems
  • Chair Monitoring Systems
  • Floor Mat Monitoring Systems for Anti-Wandering
  • Seatbelt Monitoring Systems
  • Central Monitoring Systems
  • Call Systems
  • Door Monitoring Systems for Anti-Wandering