Keneric Healthcare is a medical device company recognized by healthcare executives and clinicians alike for the development of innovative products that improve patient care, increase clinician efficiency and streamline facility expenditures.

Keneric Healthcare

Examples of this commitment to innovation include the RTD™ Wound Dressing. a truly unique, FDA cleared, polyurethane foam wound dressing and phase one to our PurePurge™ Infection Control line of products: The PurePurge™ Bedbath System; a suite of cost-effective rinse-free bathing products thateliminates the cross-infection risks of traditional bath basins, simplifying the bathing process for clinicians caring for non-ambulatory patients


RTD™ Wound Dressing

  • Available in four sizes(2×2, 4×4, 4×5, 8×16*)
  • Available in two thickness (1/4” and 1/8”) * only ¼” on 8×16
  • HCSPCS Approved and Reimbursable
  • Three active ingredients – Methylene Blue, Gentian Violet and Silver
  • Draws protein rich exudate away from wound; creates a favorable wound healing environment
  • Effective antimicrobial and antifungal properties reducing bacterial load
  • Early and sustained antimicrobial protection;
  • Analgesic – significant pain reduction reported
  • Non-cytotoxic- use throughout the continuum of care

PurePurge™ Bedbath System

  • Gentle fabric towels contain just the right amount of PurePurge™ advanced cleansing formula to thoroughly clean and condition the skin.
  • Balanced pH ensures a skin-friendly experience for patients.
  • Wipes and Gloves are Vitamin E and Aloe Infused for conditioning
  • Shampoo Cap infused with Conditioners and Emollients
  • All Products Paraben and Latex Free
  • Improved skin condition provides an important barrier to infection.
  • Eliminates the cross-infection risks of dirty basins and contaminated water supplies
  • No skin damaging effects of harsh soaps and rough laundered terry towels.
  • Eight wipes/gloves for each of the eight body zones controls cross contamination across body
  • PurePurge™ Bed Bath System means process efficiency and consistency throughout the facility
  • Eliminates inconsistencies in the type of soap, shampoo and skin conditioners that could be used across the facility.