About Hartmann

Hartmann USA, Inc

HARTMANN is a leading provider of healthcare solutions in the areas of adult incontinence, wound care and compression therapy. As a forward-thinking company, we partner with healthcare professionals to create novel solutions that promote healing, increase operational efficiencies and improve quality of life. As our aging population expands, chronic conditions that compromise skin integrity such as diabetes, venous insufficiency and incontinence will become more prevalent. At HARTMANN, we are going further to turn today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s solutions.


  • Focus on active skin protection – 1www.activeskinprotection.com
  • Dignity® and MoliCare® Premium Briefs with Curly Fiber help protect aging skin by instantly reducing the high pH of voids to a skin-friendly pH 5.5

Wound Care

  • Complete line of advanced and traditional wound care products
  • HydroTac® – hydroactive foam dressings promote an optimal environment for healing by regulating wound moisture and removing excess exudate


  • TwoPress® compression bandaging system provides sustained compression for the management of venous leg ulcers in just two layers (Three & FourPress® available)
  • Eze-Band® LF – Orthopedic grade knitted bandage for controlled,consistent compression. Provides superior absorbency and breathability for extended use
  • Deluxe® LF/Deluxe® 480® LF – Premium, exceptionally durable orthopedic grade woven bandagemade of the finest quality yarn. Provides superior, consistent elasticity, compression and support
  • Econo-Paste® and Econo-Paste® Plus Calamine – Non-slip cotton stretch gauze with zinc oxide paste and also withcalamine to soothe inflammation, rashes and ulcers on the lower extremities