DUKAL Corporation

DUKAL Corporation

DUKAL Corporation is a market leading manufacturer specializing in high quality products for general wound care, skincare and personal care. DUKAL blends our nationally recognized brands with strategic product partnerships to better serve the healthcare community. DUKAL’s products are the perfect solution for all levels of care across the healthcare continuum.

Traditional Wound Care

DUKAL offers a wide variety of traditional wound care products for a variety of markets:

  • Gauze and Non-Woven Sponges
  • Specialty Dressings
  • Bandages
  • Impregnated Dressings
  • Cotton and Wood Products


Character Adhesive Strips

The American® White Cross brand has been on the market since 1912 and feature the unique Stat Strip® technology. They have a patented, easy open process preferred by nurses and caregivers because they make applying the bandages a simple process!

  • Looney Tunes™ Bandages
  • Hasbro Bandages
  • Marvel Bandages
  • Justice League Bandages
  • Designer Bandages

DUKAL Justice League Bandaids
DUKAL Avengers Bandaids

Exam Room Products

DUKAL Tech-Med® has a full line of products for the exam room across all markets:

  • Sundry Jars and Countertips
  • Exam Room Equipment
  • Patient Care Products
  • Stainless Steelware
  • Diagnostic Instruments

DUKAL Tech Meds

Advanced Wound Care

The DUKAL wound care platform provides new, unique, and innovative products to healthcare clinicians and a wide breadth of products for all stages of wound healing. DUKAL’s product offering is unique in the marketplace because we offer new technology with improved outcomes that are paired with our high quality traditional wound care dressings:

  • Advazorb® Foam Dressings
  • Activon® Manuka Honey Tube and Tulle Dressings
  • Silflex® Silicone Contact Layer Dressings
  • Siltape® Silicone Tape
  • Eclypse® Super Absorbent Dressings