About Abena North America, INC.

Abena North America, Inc

A World Leader in Healthcare Manufacturing

Abena, founded in 1953, is a Danish, family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of health care solutions and related products headquartered in Aabenraa, Denmark. The Abena Group, which is represented by subsidiaries in a long list of countries, supplies more than 25,000 products and operates in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Core Concept

Abena is not just another company pumping basic products into the market. Supplying our customers with a flexible and individual product assortment, Abena’s health care range adapts to local market needs. The foundation is cutting-edge manufacturing expertise, coupled with an extensive global sourcing network.

Adult Incontinence Product Line:

  • ABRI – FLEX: Abri-Flex products can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the users feeling of freedom and dignity.
  • ABRI – FORM: Abri-Form is a complete range of adult briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence. designed with unsurpassed performance and breathability.
  • ABRI – SAN: The Abri-San range forms a complete line of anatomically shaped pads for all degrees of incontinence.
  • ABRI – SAN SPECIAL: Abri-San Special is specifically designed to handle fecal incontinence. The pad has effective leakage barriers with ‘built in’ pockets that keep the bowel contents inside even when released under pressure.
  • ABRI – Fix: Abri-Fix products offer comfort, security and user dignity. Abri-Fix is easy to use and looks like normal underwear and is reusable, while offering the possibility for individual solutions.