Most Common Questions:

Why would the top medical manufacturers in home care give IHC best pricing?

We support the foremost brand manufacturers and do not compete with them by leading with our own self-manufactured brands. IMCO has been partnering with manufacturers for 35 years creating lasting relationships that work.

Can I be a member of another association or GPO?

Yes, our goal is to increase our members’ access to products and programs that will broaden their offering and improve their profitability; not restrict it.

Can I set more than one employee up on

YES and at no charge.

What makes IHC exceptional?

It’s really our joint venture with you, the manufacturers, the resource partner companies and your local IMCO distributor that will tailor a program to suit your business. IHC brings it all together in a comprehensive customized program. Our IMCO distributors have inventory and logistics know-how, patient delivery programs, local vendor relations and product expertise to support your neighborhood business.