Our note: Email marketing is one tool that is often overlooked in the home care industry, but it’s low cost and still works with almost all age groups. We think you’ll find this post informative and you’ll get some good direction on using email marketing in your business.

Written by: Erik Ellsworth, SunUp Group

If you thought email marketing was dead, you’re in for a big surprise. Not only is it not dead, it is a thriving channel and needs to be a critical component of your business in 2018.

I know, you’re saying to yourself “I hate checking my email and I get way too many already. I only check email because I must, not because I want to. Email is a waste and I don’t want to end up in someone’s spam folder.”

I understand that but trust me, top marketing expertsstand firm and proclaim that this is a false mindset.

The myth is not true…email marketing is alive and kicking the bootie out of every other channel.

Email is Not Dead!

Did you know that email marketing has consistently outperformed every other channel since the inception of emails? Hands down, it has the best ROI with an average return of $43 for every $1 spent.

Better than direct mail, paid advertising, social media, SEO, you name it.

Go add up all that time you’ve spent on (insert the social media channel you currently believe leads you to the promise land) and calculate if you generated that level of return. You haven’t. I know it, and you know it.

Not to say that those channels don’t work, but when compared to the steady and consistent email, it doesn’t match up.

In fact, email is still a growing platform. Email addresses are expected to reach 5.23 billion unique addresses in 2018.

Whyis Email Marketing so Powerful?

The truth is, email is a marketing channel like no other with numerous benefits, including:

  • You’re in direct contact with the customer or prospect. It is a one-on-one form of communication (when done correctly).
  • Almost everyone has an email they check regularly whereas not everyone has an account on the latest social media platform.
  • You’re in complete control of the message and not at the whim of a social media platform whose interests do not always align with yours.
  • It will increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customer. It is easier to sell to an existing or previous client than a cold prospect.
  • Email Marketing allows you to keep in contact with them. You may not forget about them, but they’re busy and will forget about you.
  • With the proper software, you can tailor your message and create offers specifically for them which will lead to better conversion rates.
  • It builds your brand – the key to any long-term viability of a business is the value of the brand you build. Email marketing can elevate your brand’s perception, trust, and authority.

Do you now see why you need to invest marketing dollars into this channel?

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Now, before you go and jump into the world of email, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do’s
    • Be Consistent – in tone and manner and timing
    • Optimize It – you should always be striving to improve open and click-through rates
    • Segment Your List – create emails for your different audiences because no one wants to hear the same message
    • Grow Your List – look for ways to continually to build your list of contacts (note: no buying lists!)
    • Personalize the Message – you will have a greater impact if you are pretending you’re talking to them on the phone or in person
    • Design for Mobile Devices – mobile is only growing and you need to ensure your message has the same readability and design on all the phones and tablets out there.
  • Don’ts
    • Do Not Only Talk About Yourself – if all you do is write about you and your products and services, you will surely lose your audience…and quickly.
    • Don’t Over Sell and Become Spammy – remember, you’re building a relationship so don’t be too eager to convert them.
    • Don’t Use Big Images – the bigger the image, the worse it will look on a smaller device. Review the email on all devices before sending out.
    • Proofing – don’t send without spell check and grammar proofreading, it will lead to a quick death of your list.
    • Don’t Avoid the Analytics – you need to review the statistics of each campaign. Always be improving and learning!

Don’t ignore email marketing! Invest in building that channel because when you email market well, you will increase your top line revenue and lead generation!

About the Author
Erik Ellsworth is the Chief Marketing Officer for SunUp Group and has a passion for helping businesses grow revenue through all forms of marketing and branding.

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